When I started working out at gyms about 10 years ago, it was obvious to me that goal-oriented training requires a heap of sports supplements both before, during and after workout. There was a fat burner, a booster, protein, creatine, BCAAs and who knows what. I can honestly admit, in hindsight, that I didn’t know much about them – how they would affect my training, my recovery and my muscle growth. More is more; the more sports supplements you take, the better the result. Right?

Do you really know what your sports supplements contain?

Frankly, it’s scary how many different preparations we use without knowing anything about them. We trust that if others use them, so can I. So, did I get better results with all these supplements I used so diligently? Did I train exceptionally efficiently, somehow? Did every rep I did go straight to my biceps and butt? Unfortunately no, this did not happen.

If you’ve – like me – ever filled your cupboard with one supplement bottle after another, ask yourself an important question:

What do you want to achieve by using supplements? What do they bring to your training and how do they support your well-being?

In my case, the two most important things I want to achieve with supplements are having energy during my workouts and proper recovery afterwards. I want to feel energetic during my workout, without the drastic energy spikes and even harsher drops that come with it. After my workout, I want my muscles and nervous system to recover as efficiently and optimally as possible so that I can train again the next day just as effectively.

Personal Trainer Ida Gustafsson

Another feature that is more and more important to me nowadays is that the product is natural. Having browsed through the ingredients of many different supplements I’ve gotten anxious over how artificial most products on the market are. Today, more than ever, the importance of naturalness is being talked about – and that is a quality I too look for in the products I put in my mouth.

The renewed NORDIQ Nutrition sports powders are 100 % certified organic, additive-free and vegan!

I have already used NORDIQ Nutrition food supplements for a couple of years. The products being so natural has perhaps been the biggest reason why I always end up picking them into my shopping cart. I’ve been testing the two new organic, high-quality sports powders for over two months now. They combine all-natural ingredients with a pleasant and mild taste and most importantly – they do exactly what they promise!

I use the Pre-Workout Powder before working out to ensure that my energy levels stay sufficient and, most importantly, constant, throughout my workout. The Post-Workout Powder I take right after working out to support recovery, repair muscle damage and reduce low-grade inflammation. The best thing, I think, is how versatile the powders are.

Personal trainer Ida Gustafsson’s tips for using sports powders in your everyday life:

  1. If I have had to stand a lot at work and my legs and backache, I take a shot of the Post-Workout Powder before going to bed. This will help my body to recover.
  2. On warm summer days when I’m not in the mood for a hot morning coffee, I enjoy a drink of ice-cold Pre-Workout before heading off to work. Try adding the juice of half a lemon and you will get an even fresher drink!
  3. Mix Pre-workout powder with your morning smoothie – you can easily turn your regular smoothie into a true superfood drink this way! Especially good if you (like I) have a hard time eating a big meal in the morning. Check out the recipe for my delicious morning smoothie below the picture.

Pre-Workout Smoothie

Delicious and filling morning smoothie

Add all the ingredients and mix until smooth. Enjoy cold!

  • 2 tablespoons of NORDIQ Nutrition Pre-Workout Powder
  • 1 dl fresh pineapple
  • 0,5 dl sea buckthorn berries (frozen)
  • 2 dl fresh spinach
  • 2 dl orange juice or water (you can increase the amount of liquid if you prefer a runnier smoothie)
  • 100 g Turkish yoghurt or similar
  • 1 tablespoon peanut butter


Text and photos by Ida Gustafsson. Follow Ida on Instagram @idagustafsson_pt