Hormones react to our living environment

Ideally, a clean and healthy female body goes through the full feminine cycle without any issues from youth to old age. However, our living environment is rarely so clean and stress-free that our bodies don’t react during some part of our lives. There are many factors in modern life that can cause changes in the hormonal balance and overstimulate the production of oestrogen. Such factors are stress, environmental toxins, cosmetics, mild stimulants and unhealthy, sugar-rich food. This may cause painful periods, mood swings, sugar cravings, depression, hair loss and excessive menopause symptoms.

You can take control!

It’s however good to remember that we are not completely at the mercy of our hormonal changes. You can find relief by making positive changes in your lifestyle and bringing nature’s bounty on your plate. It’s easier to cope with a stressful and hectic life when you keep your body’s well-being in check.

Making changes in your diet is the first step to a balanced hormonal function. Sugar, alcohol, smoking and bad fats (commonly found in processed foods), biscuits and crisps should be the first things to cut from your diet. Instead, bring plenty of these healthy additions to your diet:

  • Chlorophyll to protect the cells. Welcome kale, spinach and water cress as part of your diet and choose the darkest lettuce varieties.
  • A balanced ratio of Omega fatty acids. Use flax seeds, eat fatty fish and use a variety of nuts. Choose cold-pressed virgin olive oil, coconut oil, hemp oil and fish oils.
  • Go for pure sources of protein such as chicken, turkey and fatty fish. In addition, you can use vegetable proteins such as beans, lentils and peas.
  • Include a wide variety of berries and vegetables in your diet. The phytochemicals in berries and vegetables protect your cells and help decrease inflammation in your body.
  • Get your fibres from fruit, whole grain, vegetables and root vegetables. They ease the digestion and promote the disposal of hormones from the body.
  • Sufficient exercise, focus on good sleep and elimination of stress should also be emphasized. Furthermore, chose cleaner and toxic-free cosmetics and household cleaning products. Hormone disrupting chemicals, such as phthalates and bisphenol-A, are absorbed from low-grade plastic bottles and food containers.

Get balanced by botanicals

Nature offers us an abundance of botanicals and herbs to help us feel better. Dong quai is a plant that has been used for thousands of years to support women’s hormone-related symptoms. It is also known as the “women’s ginseng”. Kudzu root contains plenty of isoflavones beneficial to female health. Isoflavones are plant hormones that may help bring relief to symptoms related to the hormonal cycle. Fenugreek is an aromatic herb widely used in traditional ayurvedic and Chinese medicine. It contains steroidal saponines beneficial for female health. Female Complex also contains rhodiola to stimulate and chamomile, known to have a relaxing effect.

All these botanicals are found in our NORDIQ Nutrition Female Complex food supplement. In addition, it contains vitamin B6 which is found to balance mood swings, depression, sensations of pain and anxiety.