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Start a productive day with a refreshing morning routine – test a coffee-free morning

Build a new morning routine! Coffee is part of many people's morning routines and busy commutes. Who wouldn't love a little pick-me-up and feeling refreshed. It's also possible to replace coffee with something else refreshing - something that won't irritate your stomach, cause you heartburn or aggravate the dehydration.

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Sweet Dreams, Where Art Thou?

The importance of sleep is one of the hottest topics today. For example, we are constantly connected, and it's easy to get an information overload. Unfortunately, this can affect our ability to wind down. Read on for the TOP7 sleep disruptors (and how to overcome them).

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Let nature take care of your hormones

Nature offers us a set of tools to deal with the sources of turmoil in women's lives in all stages from puberty to menopause: the female hormones. Some are blessed with life-long balance whereas others are dealt mood swings, painful periods and hot flushes. In this blog post we tell you how to overcome the symptoms and take back control!

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Are botanical powders enough to support my exercise?

Working out regularly puts more focus on the adequate intake of nutrients, especially if you are looking to get more fit, grow more muscle or boost your endurance. It can however be overwhelming to find the right products! Check out this Q&A on our additive free and vegan Nutri-Sport powders and learn what makes them so very special.

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No more bloating!

Some foods or combinations of foods and big portions can cause discomfort after the meal. Post-meal bloating, sensations of overeating or discomfort in the stomach can mean that your digestion is weakened. This can also be the reason for nutrients not absorbing properly. But worry not, there is help to be had!

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