[ Mission ]


Our mission is to combine science, purity and nature's potent complexity to deliver high-quality formulations.

Natural Organic

High-quality wholefoods and herbs used in our products are organically grown.

Fresh freeze-dried

Fresh freeze-drying maintains the sensitive chemical composition almost equivalent to the fresh plant.

Gene friendly

A gentle antioxidant effect with gene friendly ingredients. 


Carefully selected wholefoods & herbs for balancing and synergistic effect. 


All NORDIQ Nutrition products are suitable for vegetarians and vegans.

[ Story ]

A Story Born Out Of Nordic Landscapes

Supplements made for active lifestyles.

NORDIQ Nutrition supplements are made for active lifestyles. For you, who live your life moving, exercising, working, taking care of family, studying and being with your friends. Ideal for those living in urban areas and for you who love nature and quietness.

NORDIQ Nutrition is formulated to balance your natural immunity, wellbeing, and health. Our product line includes sports supplements as well as daily natural supplements for general wellbeing. They are specially designed to support a modern and active lifestyle. All our products are suitable for vegetarians and vegans.

Our supplements are additive free and without most common allergens such as gluten, wheat, dairy, soy, and yeast. The plants and herbs have been organically grown and carefully fresh freeze-dried for keeping all natural nutrients available for your body.

[ Science ]

Pushing the boundaries of nutritional science

Natural supplements made of high-quality, organic ingredients, inspired by holistic nutritional science.

We use high-quality and organic ingredients in order to create natural supplements to support a modern lifestyle, inspired by holistic nutritional science.

Some of the plants and herbs in our products have thousands of years of documented use and many of them have had the same type of use in different cultures. Scientists have pursued to find out the complex mechanisms of these botanicals during decades of scientific research.

Our passion is to utilize their findings in our formulations. We have combined traditional herbal medicine with the modern research. From that NORDIQ Nutrition supplements were born.

1. Fresh natural organic botanicals are harvested.

2. The botanicals are rapidly frozen and placed in a vacuum drying oven.

3. The ice crystals and any other frozen solvents are then slowly removed by the vacuum drying process.

4. The dried material is then milled into a fine powder form.

5. The powder is then stored in moisture- and airtight containers to retain its potency and quality.

6. The powder is then blended with other fresh freeze-dried powders, minerals and nutrients to create a formulation.

[ Nature ]

Nature's Potency frozen in time

Nourishing botanicals and whole foods.

NORDIQ Nutrition is a combination of nourishing botanicals and whole foods with many akin to those found within the Nordic region.

In our carefully selected botanical wholefood combinations, you can find for example Rhodiola, garlic, rosemary, blueberry, seabuckthorn, parsley, chamomile and linseed with many other adaptogenic and hormetic plants such as turmeric and medicinal mushrooms. We have harnessed the best nature can give also for the embetterment of the capsules: Instead of using artificial fillers and binders, we have chosen to optimize the quality and efficacy of our encapsulated products by incorporating a unique, organic NORDIQ Blend which includes hibiscus and green tea. Those known for their positive impact on your health and wellbeing.

Hibiscus has a multitude of antibacterial and antiviral properties and has been shown to support liver health. Green tea is known to be an excellent source of polyphenols which also has some metabolism boosting properties. Fresh freeze-drying maintains the sensitive chemical composition almost equivalent to the fresh plant - providing you with the highest quality formulations to optimize cellular health and vitality, ideally suited to you - the quality seeking, modern active individual.


[ Nature ]

Fresh freeze-dried

[ Nature ]

Gene friendly

[ Nature ]