Q – Are NORDIQ Nutrition Products additive free?

A – Yes, all NORDIQ Nutrition supplements and Nutri-Sport powders are completely additive free.

Q – Do you use organic botanicals?

A – Yes. We use only organic or wildcrafted botanicals.

Q – How are the botanicals in NORDIQ Nutrition products handled?

A – Most of the botanicals we use are fresh freeze-dried, which delicately maintains the nutritional value almost equivalent to the fresh plant.

Q – Where do your botanicals come from?

A – We use the highest quality, natural botanicals available. They come from clean, organic and wildcrafted areas around the world, where the microbiological quality of the botanicals is examined.

Q – How do ecology and ethicality show in the manufacturing process of NORDIQ products?

A – We prefer farms which can function in an ecologically durable way. This means that for example the wildcrafted botanicals are harvested in a way that supports the sustainable development since 20 % of the world’s wildcrafted plants are at a risk of disappearing completely. The working conditions are humane at the farms we use, and the trading is fair to both the farmers and employers.

Q – Where are NORDIQ Nutrition -products manufactured?

Manufacturing botanical based natural supplements without any additives requires a lot from the manufacturer. This is why our products are manufactured in the United Kingdom where the high criteria can be achieved.

Q – Are NORDIQ Nutrition products suitable for vegetarians and vegans?

A – Yes. All our products are plant-based and don’t include any ingredients of animal origin.

Q – Does NORDIQ Nutrition products include wheat, gluten, milk, soy or yeast?

A – No they don’t. Our supplements and Nutri-Sport powders are completely free from wheat, gluten, milk, soy and yeast.

Q – Are NORDIQ Nutrition products sugar-free and unsweetened?

A – Yes. We don’t use any sugar or artificial sweeteners in our products.

Q – Are the vitamins in NORDIQ Nutrition products natural or synthetic?

A – We use only natural and bioactive vitamins that are isolated from plants and yeasts. We don’t use cheap manufacturing, only the best ingredients available.

Q – Are the botanicals used in the products tested for purity and quality?

A – Yes. All the plants are tested for insecticides, pesticides, microbiological contaminations, mycotoxins, mildew toxins and heavy metals.

Q – Are the botanicals used in the products GMO-free?

A – Yes. All the botanicals we use are GMO-free.

Q – Are NORDIQ Nutrition products suitable to use while pregnant?

A – The safety of using our products while pregnant or nursing hasn’t been tested, which is why it’s not recommended.

Q – Are NORDIQ Nutrition products suitable for children?

A – The botanical and vitamin levels are moderate in NORDIQ Nutrition products, so they are safe to give to 4 to 12-year-old children by cutting the daily dose in half.

Q – What does the word NORDIQ mean in the name?

A – NORDIQ products are created and designed with inspiration sourcing from the Nordic nature.