Night Complex

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Sleep better with Night Complex!

NORDIQ Nutrition Night Complex includes a combination of natural ingredients such as magnesium, hops and lime flower, which help you to relax and sleep better. Ideal to use before bedtime to help you fall asleep faster and improve your sleep. 

Today's hectic lifestyle combined with the blue light from mobile devices has become a challenge for our sleep-wake cycle. Most of the times our minds aren't ready for sleep when it's time to go to bed. Night Complex includes amino acid chelated Magnesium along with nutrient dense traditional botanicals and L-theanine, which are known to soothe and calm anxiety and reduce muscle spasm, thus helping facilitate relaxation and an optimal sleep state.

The NORDIQ Hormetic Complex has been carefully developed to provide synergistic, freeze-dried botanicals known to offer phytonutrient complexity, including polyphenols which are known to exert hormetic effects for enhanced health and vitality.


  • Magnesium helps you to relax and soothe down at the end of the day. It might also help with anxiety.
  • Hops helps to soothe your body and mind.
  • Lime flower has been used for centuries for its calming and restorative properties. In herbal medicine, linden tea is used to combat anxiety and promote relaxation. 
  • Montmorency cherry contains high levels of phytochemicals including melatonin, a molecule critical in regulating the sleep-wake cycle. It might also help to improve your metabolism.
  • Suitable for vegetarians and vegans.
  • No fillers, binders or additives. 
  • No added sugar or flavourings.
  • Free of gluten, dairy, soy, yeast, corn, sugar, preservatives, sweeteners or flavourings. 


  • 1-3 vegetable capsules per evening at mealtime or as directed. Dosage must not be exceeded. Not to be used as a substitute for a varied diet or healthy lifestyle. Keep out of reach of children. If you are pregnant or nursing, consult your physician or therapist.
More Information
One (1) vegetable capsule provides:

Magnesium bisglycinate (providing 68 mg elemental Mg)

375 mg

NORDIQ Hormetic blend 225 mg
Organic Hops
100 mg
Lime flower 75 mg
Montmorency cherry* 25 mg
Organic kale leaf* 25 mg
*Fresh freeze-dried

Vegetable cellulose capsule 120 mg
L-theanine 25 mg
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