1. Product questions

No we do not. All our products are additive free and contain only active ingredients.

We only use vegetables, herbs and plants of the highest quality. Whenever possible we use certified organic or wild-crafted botanicals.

This depends on the botanical. Not all botanicals grow in our cold Nordic region, but we always prioritize botanicals that grow as near as possible to our manufacturing. As the plants need to be strong to cope in the harsh Nordic environment, we also believe it makes them extra beneficial for us.

We manufacture our products in Europe in an ISO Class 8 pharmaceutical cleanroom (one class higher than the requirement for food supplement manufacture). Our facility is GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices), organic and vegan certified in addition to being approved by the FDA (Food and Drug Administration of the USA). The facility also has a HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point) protocol in place, ensuring the safety of all raw materials used in the products.

Yes we do. We follow a HACCP protocol, and part of that is to test botanical ingredients for purity and safety at an independent lab before releasing them to production.

Absolutely! All our NORDIQ Nutrition products are vegan.

We only use natural and bioactive vitamins of the highest quality.

No, we don’t use any GMO botanicals.

No they don’t. No sugar, sweeteners (including stevia) or flavors are added either. It’s as natural as it gets.

Yes, it’s fully normal! Our products are packed full of botanicals and we process them as little as possible. Therefore some variations are to be expected in the taste, color or consistency. You can’t standardize mother nature 🙂

While our products are all-natural and very gentle, there has not been enough research conducted on many botanical ingredients to rule out harmful effects during pregnancy with absolute certainty. We want to play it safe and that’s why we do not recommend that our products are used if you are pregnant without consulting your health care professional.

If you are breastfeeding you can safely use our products.

Yes you can. The level of vitamins and minerals in our products is moderate, so you can safely give them to kids aged 4-12 by cutting the recommended daily dose in half. If your kid is fussy and don’t want to swallow the capsule, you can easily open it and mix the content with a cold drink or food, for example apple juice or yogurt.

Children over 12 years can follow the same directions as adults.

Yes, NORDIQ Nutrition® is a brand owned by Nordic Premium Finland Oy, business id FI26902619. All taxes are paid to Finland.

2. Payments

You can pay with Visa, Visa Electron, Mastercard and American Express. You can also pay with PayPal and Apple Pay (Safari)

Additionally, if you are a Finnish resident and/or Finnish bank account holder, you can make direct payments from all Finnish banks or pay by MobilePay. We also offer paying by invoice and partial payments (additional fees may apply).

Yes you can! We are SSL secured which means all traffic to and from our site is encrypted. Furthermore, no credit card information is shared with us at any time. Only the payment service provider will know your payment details.

Our payment service providers are Paytrail Plc and PayPal. Paytrail Plc is a licensed payment institution in Finland.

3. Shipping and returns

Yes, we ship to all EU countries. At the moment we are unfortunately not to able to ship elsewhere due to significantly increased shipping costs.

PLEASE NOTE: due to Brexit we cannot ship to the United Kingdom from the International shop. Please use our UK shop instead.

We offer free shipping on orders over 49 EUR domestically (Finland) and over 99 EUR to the EU.

Our shipping fees are:

4,90 EUR delivered to a collection point of choice
8,90 EUR home delivered

EU: 9,90 EUR home delivered

We are confident that you will be very happy with our products. In fact, we are so sure that we offer you a 90-day money back guarantee, no questions asked. In the unlikely event that you want your money back, please contact us for details on how to return the products to us. We will refund you as soon as we have received your return.

If you didn’t find an answer to your question here, please don’t hesitate to be in touch by using our contact form.