Hormesis is at the heart of our product development. All our food supplements burst with a unique combination of botanicals providing your body with a specific hormetic effect.


Simply put, hormesis means that a suitable dose of external or internal stimuli activates a positive response in your body, such as improvements in the immune system and vitality.

For example, ice bathing, where you momentarily expose yourself to icy water, will boost the body’s immune system and blood circulation. In other words, ice bathing provides a hormetic effect. Other similar stimuli are, for example, fasting, exercise, sauna bathing, sunlight, or specific foodstuffs.

Did you know that the working mechanism of vaccinations is similar to hormesis? When vaccinated, the body gets a small dose of stimuli that activates its in-built defense mechanisms.

This is a matter of a general stress tolerance response in the body’s cells. It is activated when an appropriate dose of specific stress factors enters the body. The resulting hormetic reaction means that the cells strive to restore the body’s balance, also called homeostasis.

Consequently, many functions of your body, such as detoxification, energy production, and the immune system, are activated. The critical factor here is that the dose of the stress factor is appropriately small and short in duration to bring the most beneficial effect for body and mind.

The above diagram depicts typical mild/transient stress factors that trigger adaptive cellular responses, resulting in enhanced health and wellbeing.


Hormesis activates in the cells as a result of phytonutrients found in food and botanicals. The botanical chemicals found in plants, such as flavonoids, are so-called beneficial contaminants. Contaminants refer to all substances except nutrients, and the body processes them separately from other nutrients. Botanical polyphenols often refer to compounds that the plant uses to protect itself from environmental harm. The botanicals rich in polyphenols activate the hormetic mechanisms of the body, and consequently, the body begins to produce antioxidants and other protective molecules. Plants contain hundreds of different botanical chemicals which stimulate the body to function more efficiently. This is why NORDIQ Nutrition®’s food supplements include such an abundance of various botanicals.


Think purple grapes or blueberries. The pigments found in these colorful plants are rich in polyphenols. The widely researched Mediterranean diet, which includes lots of vegetables, contains plenty of polyphenols and other nutrients. As a result, the diet has shown a remarkable decrease in the onset of various illnesses, such as memory disorders, depression, or cardiovascular diseases. Green tea, blueberries, olive oil, red wine, citrus fruits, hibiscus tea, soya, dark chocolate, curcumin, lingonberry, and many other spices and herbs are among the most researched ingredients rich with polyphenols and positive health effects.


To make the most of the health benefits of polyphenols and other botanical nutrients, you do not necessarily need to consume large amounts of them (even though we, of course, still recommend including plenty of different vegetables in your daily diet). However, even small amounts of selected phytonutrients in food supplements may activate the body’s built-in antioxidant and defense mechanisms.

Therefore, we have added an abundance of hormetically effective botanicals to all NORDIQ Nutrition® food supplements. Examples are tumeric, garlic, lingonberry, rosemary, olive leaf, and resveratrol (from grapes). These carefully selected, hormetically effective, and fresh freeze-dried, plant-based powders are an excellent addition to complement your diet. What is more, they are also easily absorbed. What this means is that you get more than usual from our food supplements. In addition to vitamins, minerals, and other bioactive nutrients, your body will be triggered by the botanicals, stimulating it to reach its natural peak condition.

The hormetic zone

The hormetic zone is essentially the “sweet spot,” where the dosage amount offers the most significant beneficial effect. Typically, the dose-response reveals low dose stimulation (i.e., greatest efficacy) and high dose inhibition (reduced efficacy).