This is how we use botanicals

If you have ever looked at the list of ingredients in our products, you have already noticed that they are rich in various plants, herbs and berries. We have carefully selected nature's generous bounty to our food supplements:

  • To enhance the function and absorbency of the active ingredients, such as vitamins and micronutrients
  • To provide your body with the hormetic effect which activates your body's own detox, defence and rebuilding functions
  • To enrich the amount of nutrients you obtain from the food supplements in the form of botanical nutrients
  • To support the natural balance and well-being of your body

Which plants and botanicals do we use?

There are about 50 different plants, herbs, fruit or berries in our products. Each product has its own unique, individually developed and carefully selected combination of botanicals, which we like to call the NORDIQ hormetic blend. This hormetic blend may contain well-known berries from the Nordic nature such as lingonberry and bilberry. We also use the therapeutic chaga mushroom, chlorophyll-rich kale and nettle. The blends also contain plenty of adaptogenic plants such as maca root and rhodiola.

Many plants growing in the Nordics are forced to survive the harsh conditions caused by seasonal changes, which lead to climatic extremes and varying amount of daylight. To survive, the plants must produce various phytochemicals, which are therapeutic for humans. We have harnessed nature’s powers to be part of the NORDIQ Nutrition food supplements.

How have the botanicals been selected for our products?

The plants that we have selected for each product have been carefully chosen based on their usage and benefits. Here are some examples of the formulas in our products:

  • B-Complex contains rhodiola, Siberian ginseng and lemon balm to enhance the endurance of body and mind.
  • Detox Complex contains botanicals supporting the body and liver in detox, such as turmeric and dandelion.
  • Post-Workout Powder is rich in maca root and turmeric root which help the body to recover its balance after workout.

Even though many of our products contain both the active ingredients and botanicals, we have formulated some of our products using just plants and herbs. Such products are Immune Complex to activate the immune response of the body and Endurance Wholefood Powder to enhance endurance and to keep up with daily challenges.

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