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Magnesium Powder

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Effective recovery and energy production

Demanding lifestyles calls for efficient recovery!  Stress, working out and a busy life can increase your need for magnesium. Magnesium Wholefood Powder contains highly absorbent magnesium malate and green, magnesium-rich botanicals to support the well-being of your nervous system and muscles. It also promotes everyday vitality and energy production.

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Additive free, no sugar or artificial sweeteners, vegan


Our formulator’s comments:

A demanding lifestyle can result in stress that pushes the limits of adaptation. Furthermore, magnesium intake from food is often insufficient. By selecting highly bio-available magnesium malate combined with nutrient-dense whole foods, this formula provides an effective way to enhance the absorption of this crucial mineral.

When should you use our Magnesium Powder?

  • To recover from workout or a stressful day.
  • To help you relax and fall asleep in the evening.
  • For muscle function and to prevent your muscles from cramping.
  • When you want to support your nervous system and help you in times of stress.
  • To help you cope with tiredness and fatigue.

What makes our Magnesium Powder so special?

  • We have included magnesium malate, because it’s a highly absorbent and stomach friendly form of magnesium.
  • In addition we use magnesium-rich and synergistic green vegetables such as kale, watercress and spinach. They promote the proper utilization of magnesium in the body.
  • Raw cacao and beetroot provide support to vascular well-being.
  • Lingonberry, indigenous to Nordic forests, contains healthy botanical compounds and polyphenols that may protect against inflammation. Furthermore, it can also prevent oxidative stress caused by physical exertion.
  • Hormetic botanicals promote health and vitality through immune response stimulation. Read more about hormesis here.

Additional product highlights

  • The botanical ingredients contain an abundance of beneficial polyphenols
  • Suitable for vegans
  • 100 % free from additives and fillers
  • No sugar or artificial sweeteners
  • Does not contain gluten, wheat, milk, soy or yeast
  • Easily mixes into your cold drink of choice


Mix 1 teaspoon (5 g) daily with your favorite cold drink.

Do not exceed the recommended intake. Food supplements should not be used to substitute a varied diet and healthy lifestyle. If you are pregnant, consult your doctor or health professional to ensure the product is suitable for you. Store in a cool and dry place out of reach of children.


5 g (1 teaspoon) typically provides:

% RI*
Magnesium malate (provides 375 mg elemental magnesium) 2500 mg 100
Beetroot (freeze-dried) 500 mg
Cacao (organic, freeze-dried)) 500 mg
Lingonberry (freeze-dried) 375 mg
Watercress (freeze-dried) 375 mg
Spinach (freeze-dried) 375 mg
Kale (freeze-dried) 375 mg

*Reference Intake %


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