Organic Pre-Workout Powder


Add more energy to your workout

Are you lacking energy? Load your drinking bottle with our Pre-Workout Powder and get your workout back on track! This fully organic botanical powder is designed to prepare your body to perform better, activate your energy production and boost your energy levels in a fully natural way. It can also give you a great boost before starting your day at work. Most importantly, our product is 100 % additive free, vegan friendly and without any added sugar, sweeteners or artificial flavoring. Try it – and feel the difference!

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Additive free, no sugar or artificial sweeteners, vegan


Our formulator’s comments:

Sports nutrition now puts more focus on 360 health rather than performance at any cost. Therefore we formulated this advanced nutrient dense pre-workout powder. By creating a synergistic blend of nature’s most potent wholefoods and adaptogens, this organic, vegan, sugar and additive free formula helps prime both your mind and body ahead of your workout.



When should you use our Pre-Workout powder?

  • To prepare your body for the workout ahead.
  • If you want to enhance your focus and motivation when working out .
  • To prevent tiredness and increase endurance.
  • To improve your metabolism when aiming at weight loss.

What makes our Pre-Workout powder so special?

  • It tastes great thanks to our unique all-natural flavoring system. No sugar or artificial sweeteners are added.
  • All botanicals are certified organic and freeze-dried for purity and optimal effectiveness.
  • Brown rice and hemp proteins naturally contain essential fatty acids (EFA). In addition, they contain all essential amino acids needed for muscle growth.
  • Maca root is an adaptogenic powerhouse that can boost your energy.
  • Raw cacao and matcha green tea contain polyphenols that gently stimulates the mind. Additionally, they activate the nervous system and increase cellular energy production.
  • Beetroot may improve athletic performance by decreasing oxygen use during exercise.
  • Bilberry contains an abundance of polyphenols and tastes great too.
  • Nettle, parsley and kale contains plenty of minerals and nutrients that are good for you.
  • The hormetic effect of the botanicals activates the immune system as well as cleansing functions and energy production of your body – in a fully natural way! Read more about hormesis here.

Additional product highlights

  • The botanical ingredients contain an abundance of beneficial polyphenols
  • Suitable for vegans
  • 100 % free from additives and fillers
  • No sugar or artificial sweeteners
  • Does not contain gluten, wheat, milk, soy or yeast
  • Easily mixes into your cold drink of choice


Mix 1-3 teaspoons (5-15 g) of powder with water, juice or smoothie. Enjoy 30-60 minutes before your workout for optimal effect.

Do not exceed the recommended intake. Food supplements should not be used to substitute a varied diet and healthy lifestyle. If you are pregnant, consult your doctor or health professional to ensure the product is suitable for you. Store in a cool and dry place out of reach of children.

Read Personal Trainer Ida Gustafsson’s thoughts about the sports powders from our blog


5 g (1 teaspoon) typically provides:

Brown rice protein (organic, freeze-dried) 1500 mg
Maca root (organic, freeze-dried) 1000 mg
Raw cacao (organic, freeze-dried) 750 mg
Hemp seed protein (organic, freeze-dried) 500 mg
Beetroot (organic, freeze-dried) 500 mg
Bilberry (organic, freeze-dried) 500 mg
Matcha green tea (organic, freeze-dried) 100 mg
Nettle root (organic, freeze-dried) 50 mg
Parsley leaf (organic, freeze-dried) 50 mg
Kale leaf (organic, freeze-dried) 37,5 mg
Ginger root (organic, freeze-dried) 12,5 mg
NUTRITIONAL INFORMATION (typical values) 5 g 100 g
Energy kcal (kJ) 16 (66) 316 (1322)
Fat (g) 0 0
saturated (g) 0 0
Carbohydrates (g) 2 34
Fiber (g) 1 19
Protein (g) 2 35
Sodium (g) 0 0



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